Welcome To Triad

Engineering Global Innovation” is not just another tag line with three words strung together. Those words define us. Triad has been at the forefront of the engineering software and product design landscape for the past 20 years. Based in Chennai (India), but impacting people globally, we have always been driven by innovation in the engineering space.

We are among a select group of India-based companies that focuses on fostering a “product culture” than simply working within the narrow confines of a “services delivery” model. We excel at both, but truth be told, the former is what drives us to get out of bed every single day and come to work!

The achievement of our software and engineering design teams are testament to that culture of creating something tangible from the ground up for the global audience. We love “engineering” innovation – both as a verb and as an adjective – globally!

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Software Development

Triad’s focus traditionally has been in developing software products and technology in the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM space. We are the market leaders in turnkey CAD visualization and translation software for end-users as well as CAD interoperability technology for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISV) worldwide. In a departure from our traditional business, but in keeping with our “product culture”, we have recently embarked on developing new software in the business communication space aimed at providing clarity and order to workplace communication. Our talented group of software engineers is the key to us being able to take simple water-cooler or back-of-the-envelope ideas and converting them to successful globally marketable software.

Engineering Design

Triad has a highly qualified and skilled team of engineers adept at all phases of engineering product development – from ideation all the way to final design and manufacturing. We have deep knowledge of several functional areas including mechanical and electro-mechanical design, drive control mechanism, energy optimization, fluid flow, electronics & sensors among other things. Our broad industry experience that ranges from semi-conductor, automotive and industrial machinery all the way to woodworking and consumer appliances and everything in between makes us the perfect partner for accelerating new product development.