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Engineering Services

Triad has a highly qualified and skilled team of design engineers offering a multitude of Mechanical Design, Engineering and Analysis services. We have set up dedicated ODCs (Offshore Development Centers) for a number of engineering organizations that function as an extended arm of their engineering department on a long or short-term project basis.

Our range of services include:


bullet3D Modeling

Mold Design & Analysis

bullet3D Mold Design
bulletParting of Core/Cavity
bulletSlider and Lifter Design
bulletCooling System Design
bulletGate and Runner System Design
bulletInjection Parameters


bulletStress & Vibration Analysis
bulletFinite Element Analysis
bulletMaterial Substitution
bulletThermal Analysis
bulletFluid Structure Interaction
bulletDesign Sensitivity Analysis
bulletMulti-disciplinary Design Optimization
bulletField Problems

Reverse Engineering

bulletPhysical Model to CAD Model
bullet3D Digitizing
bulletPoint Cloud Data to CAD Models
bulletVirtual Prototyping


bulletDesign Optimization
bulletAssembly & Manufacturing Redesign
bulletModify Design for New Standards

Manufacturing Process Simulation &


bulletNC Code Generation
bulletTool Path
bulletIntegration between CAD & CAM Software
bulletTool Design
bulletJigs & Fixtures
bulletMold Design

CAD Conversions

bulletFeature Based Translations
bullet2D-to-2D, 2D to 3D, 3D to 3D
bulletPaper or digital to CAD
bulletCAD Model to STL
bulletSoftware Translation with Manual Corrections
bulletBatch Processing and Legacy Translations

Engineering Services

bulletPlastic Product Design (Concept to Mold)
bulletMaterial Substitution based on FEA
bulletDynamic Motion Simulation of Assemblies

Industries Served

bulletIndustrial Machinery
bulletPower Generation
bulletConsumer Appliance
bulletEngine OEM
bulletPool Products
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